Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mission in Action - John


I was doing some early evening photography down by the waterside recently when I got into conversation with a passing gent.

John stopped and had a chat about all manner of things - photography,  the sunset, the history of the town from which he came.

He also told me how he helps sponsor an orphanage in Kenya.  It's place called 'Mission in Action' at Nakuru.

It was clear that John was passionate about the place. He and his wife travel there on a regular basis.

He spoke of how hard it for those at the orphanage, the struggles they face, the need for assistance, the apparent hopelessness of the situation. How even travelling there is fraught with danger. How sometimes the young kids of that region need to walk for miles to obtain the basic needs of the day, and that some are attacked, some killed, some raped.

There was a certain sadness was in his eye.  He was looking at the sunset, but it was as though he was looking elsewhere, and seeing something else.

I wish you well with all your endeavours, John.

Stay safe.

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