Thursday, May 23, 2013

Josh and the Jewfish


It was a beautiful day today so I again found myself near the shore, exploring possibilities for images at Flat Rock Beach just north of Ballina.

The light was fairly harsh and I hadn't done much so decided to head off.

As I was about to walk back along the beach toward the car park I noticed two men coming out of the water. They had obviously been snorkeling and spearfishing. I walked over and made conversation with them.

It seemed to be another chance to ask a total stranger if I could make a quick portrait shot.

This is Josh. The fish is called a Jewfish (or argyrosomus japonicus for those Latin speakers among you). He reckoned it weighed around 7kg or just over 15lb.

I reckoned it would look good on a plate.

Although I made a couple of images showing both Josh and the fish at full length, I prefer this one. If it was a shot for a magazine, I'd show the complete fish. As it is, the image is more a portrait of Josh, doing what he obviously loves.

No need to show the whole fish - anyone can tell it's a biggie.

Stay safe

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