Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Rails .....


Another day in Byron Bay.

The local police were doing a sweep along the main street and around the beach.
Ten officers and one drug detector dog enjoyed a stroll in the sunshine.

Apparently it happens the week before any of the big music festivals for which the area is renowned.
Next week is the 'Splendour in the grass festival'.

Exactly a week ago the local force marched with the indigenous locals in the annual NAIDOC march.
That march started in the park adjacent to the old railway station.

This week the force was issuing 'move on orders' to those same folk, in the same park.

Strange days indeed, mama, most peculiar - (apologies to John Lennon)

For others however, it mattered little.  Sitting in the 'Railway Friendly Bar' known locally as 'The Rails', some simply enjoyed the day. 

Byron Bay locals at the Railway Friendly Bar

Stay safe