Thursday, May 23, 2013

Josh and the Jewfish


It was a beautiful day today so I again found myself near the shore, exploring possibilities for images at Flat Rock Beach just north of Ballina.

The light was fairly harsh and I hadn't done much so decided to head off.

As I was about to walk back along the beach toward the car park I noticed two men coming out of the water. They had obviously been snorkeling and spearfishing. I walked over and made conversation with them.

It seemed to be another chance to ask a total stranger if I could make a quick portrait shot.

This is Josh. The fish is called a Jewfish (or argyrosomus japonicus for those Latin speakers among you). He reckoned it weighed around 7kg or just over 15lb.

I reckoned it would look good on a plate.

Although I made a couple of images showing both Josh and the fish at full length, I prefer this one. If it was a shot for a magazine, I'd show the complete fish. As it is, the image is more a portrait of Josh, doing what he obviously loves.

No need to show the whole fish - anyone can tell it's a biggie.

Stay safe

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mission in Action - John


I was doing some early evening photography down by the waterside recently when I got into conversation with a passing gent.

John stopped and had a chat about all manner of things - photography,  the sunset, the history of the town from which he came.

He also told me how he helps sponsor an orphanage in Kenya.  It's place called 'Mission in Action' at Nakuru.

It was clear that John was passionate about the place. He and his wife travel there on a regular basis.

He spoke of how hard it for those at the orphanage, the struggles they face, the need for assistance, the apparent hopelessness of the situation. How even travelling there is fraught with danger. How sometimes the young kids of that region need to walk for miles to obtain the basic needs of the day, and that some are attacked, some killed, some raped.

There was a certain sadness was in his eye.  He was looking at the sunset, but it was as though he was looking elsewhere, and seeing something else.

I wish you well with all your endeavours, John.

Stay safe.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Faces on Fernleigh

Continuing with the 'fifty strangers' idea....

This morning the weather was glorious in this part of the Northern Rivers region, so a fast drive along a winding country road seemed to be the best way to spend part of the day.

As such I found myself in the locale of Fernleigh. As usual there was a camera and a couple of lenses with me.

The music was loud and I was enjoying the drive.  Actually I was contemplating stopping and photographing the road with its overhanging trees. At places it was like driving through a tunnel.

That idea was put on hold when I saw a vehicle and trailer parked adjacent to a field.  The thing that caught my eye was the the word "Farrier" painted across the back. Two men and a horse were at the fence.

I stopped and introduced myself.  One was a retired farrier who had likewise stopped to have a chat. He soon left on his motorbike. The other gent was Tim who was just about to finish his work and head off to another job.

Graciously he gave me a couple of minutes so that I could make a quick portrait.

I acknowleded his kindness in sparing a few minutes then continued down the road.

Not far along I saw a man mowing a field on his tractor.

I stopped again and he drove close to the fence, stopped and came over to say hi.

Neil was mowing the field for his eighty four year old mother.  She and his father used to grow macadamia nuts, but since the old man died, she doesn't grow crops anymore - just stays in the old place they shared for decades.
Neil himself lives in Mackay over a thousand kilometres to the north. He reckoned it was cold here today - I guess it's all relative.
Anyway, he comes down regularly and helps care for the place, although he says his mother still drives the old tractor.

I'm glad I met both these gents and heard a little of their stories. It makes this kind of work all the more interesting.  The image of the road with the overhanging trees will have to wait until another time. Then again, if there are more interesting people doing what they do......

Stay safe