Thursday, December 31, 2015

Byron Bay streets .....


Some images from  Byron Bay. This is an area which is a major tourist destination. The Northern Rivers sub region of New South Wales last year had over six million visitors. Byron Bay accounted for a massive percentage of those visitors. This in a town which has just 9,000 residents, and just over 30,000 in the shire.

It is true that I enjoy sitting at my favourite cafe watching the passing parade. Some of the sights have to be experienced to be believed. However, it is not the touristy types that I necessarily like to watch. 

Among the locals in Byron Bay there is enough to see to keep one interested for long periods of time - if you enjoy people watching.  After a while you start to recognise individuals. I find the place fascinating. Compared to the town in which I live, just 27km away, it is a whole other world.

Here are some of the locals.




Stay safe

Bader .....


Bader was about fourteen years old. He was the smartest cat I have ever known. In the end he became sick and was taken to the animal hospital where he was relieved of his suffering.

He will be missed for quite some time.

Bader. d 28 December 2015

Take care.