Thursday, December 31, 2015

Byron Bay streets .....


Some images from  Byron Bay. This is an area which is a major tourist destination. The Northern Rivers sub region of New South Wales last year had over six million visitors. Byron Bay accounted for a massive percentage of those visitors. This in a town which has just 9,000 residents, and just over 30,000 in the shire.

It is true that I enjoy sitting at my favourite cafe watching the passing parade. Some of the sights have to be experienced to be believed. However, it is not the touristy types that I necessarily like to watch. 

Among the locals in Byron Bay there is enough to see to keep one interested for long periods of time - if you enjoy people watching.  After a while you start to recognise individuals. I find the place fascinating. Compared to the town in which I live, just 27km away, it is a whole other world.

Here are some of the locals.




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