Monday, March 24, 2014

Byron Bay streets .....


Wandering around Byron Bay will usually provide one with a vast spectrum of things to observe.

Especially so if one deliberately sets out to actually see what is there, rather than passively looking at where one might be going at a particular time.

From hippies to cashed up bogans, trendies to down and outs, surfers to international visitors,  it is all there.

Sometimes it is the little things that one observes that brings a smile to the face.  In both the following images, the people seemed to be having fun.

These folk seemed to be enjoying their ice creams. I'm not sure if the penguins were jealous.

Going, going, gone.....

I refer to it as a tickle, but it was actually a little bit more than that.

The Tickle

More to come....

Stay safe.

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