Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A 21 year old Cat


A very short update.

Today, May 12th,  is the twenty first anniversary of the birth of my youngest child.

When she was about three years of age I overheard a chat between her mother and a friend. They were watching Catriona and me and the friend commented how much I adored my daughter.

Her mother responded "Yes, Catriona has him wrapped around her little finger in a way that nobody else ever will".

She was right. Of course, things change over the years, but there is probably a small element of that remaining. I don't mind.

This first photo was taken when Cat (as she is generally known) was only seven weeks old. The image was made by her mother.

The second image was made by me on a recent trip to Scotland.

Every parent who reads this knows of the joys, sadnesses, laughter and tears of raising kids. You don't need me to remind you.

All I can say is that it is an amazing journey.

So, thank you Cat. Thanks too to your older brothers Will and Stew. To Lynda - thank you for giving me such wonderful children.

More than ever do I mean it when I say, with love -

Stay safe.


  1. Willie, that is a lovely way to celebrate the anniversay of the birth of one of your babies. You are a lucky man, but they are luckier kids to have a Dad like you. Cheers buddy R :)

  2. Thanks Ronda.
    Kind words and appreciated.

  3. A beautiful tribute to the greatest gifts we are ever given, Bill. Congratulations on those which have been bestowed upon you.

  4. Ta,
    They are indeed precious gifts.

  5. A beautiful heartfelt tribute Willie, your daughter is extremely lucky to have a father like you! My Dad is my hero too!

  6. Hi there, that photo of you and your baby girl is adorable, and her older pic reminds me of Aunty Jan, only through Photos though as i was a baby when she died and never got to know her properly!