Monday, March 23, 2009

The dance goes on


Saturday night saw the annual 'Latin America' festival held in Frankston.

It is a colourful celebration showcasing music, dance, food and culture.  Last year I spent from midday until midnight there enjoying all the sights and sounds and photographing everything in sight.

This year I didn't realise it was on until I drove past the closed street where it is held.  So I spent a lot less time at it this year.  Still, I managed to get a few shots of the activities.

I guess that just shows that even if time is limited it is still possible to make images. 

All you have to do is make sure that you have a camera with you, that you are prepared to use it and most importantly, that you are open to the possibility that there are potential images everywhere if you are willing to see them.

Besides, what can be so bad about rocking up somewhere and photographing something?  I reckon it's a pretty good way of passing your time.  You might even get to meet a few interesting people.

Earlier in the week I went to the Cathy Lea School of performing arts.

 Made a few images for the project that I mentioned a few weeks back.  Didn't spend much time there - just an hour or so.  Helps the folks get used to a big stranger with a camera in hand.  
Now that I've been seen around the studios it will be easier to get shots of the students and instructors in a relaxed state.  The more they ignore me the better the images.

Street photography and photojournalism are a lot like that.  If you become almost invisible as a photographer then the chances of getting the shot increases.  That's what I reckon anyway. Ironically when you do blend in like that you still get a lot of people approaching and either posing or asking to be photographed.

Maybe it's because you appear less threatening when you blend in. Maybe they are just more comfortable.  Who knows?

I'm just glad that they do.

Stay safe.


  1. Hey! I was absolutely beat when I got home from the wedding I photographed on Saturday, other wise I would have joined you! I have an affinity with Latin America...having been there a few times. I only wish I could dance like they do...

  2. Wish I could dance that way too - instead of having three left feet!