Saturday, February 21, 2009

A new day's light.


Sometimes in life we need to look at things a little differently from the way in which we normally view them.

The image of the balloons here kind of sums that up.

I've seen balloon flights over my home town of Melbourne plenty of times. I've even ridden in an early morning balloon flight over Melbourne. On more than one occasion I have gotten an image of the balloons.

This time a few different elements came into play. I made this image when I was on the 24th floor of a large building. The info indicates it was 6.10 a.m. - I'm fairly well known among my associates as one who doesn't get too much sleep. I was up at around 4.15 or so, then a one hour drive into town etc. etc.

I was doing something else when I noticed the glow of the sunrise come into the office. Being what I am, I naturally had a camera with me. So the obvious thing to do was to make an image. I grabbed the camera, went to the window and what you see here is what greeted me. Serendipity.

Of course more than one image was made, but I prefer this one. It's a bit soft due to the very dirty windows, but sometimes there are things we can't change.

That doesn't matter to me because even if I was not the photographer, I would still love this shot because it clearly resonates with me as someone who loves living in Melbourne.

It has the Dandenong Ranges in the distance. It has the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the foreground. It has the Ferris Wheel that was in that location for a better part of a year. It has that glow that often bathes the city in the morning.

Any native of Melbourne would look at this shot and know the place.

I've watched the sunrise over Melbourne hundreds of times. I reckon this was one of my favourites.

Too often we take things for granted. It's good to remember that and to try to enjoy each day and each relationship while they last. It's always good to acknowledge those in your life who hold a special place.

In that spirit, here is a quick grab shot of my niece, Laura.

It was taken a while back and she was unaware I was taking the shot. It's not the world's greatest ever portrait, but nor does it pretend to be so. Just a quick shot at a party.

Without going into too much detail Laura and some other family members have been estranged.

Laura and I have always got on marvelously. Probably something to do with the fact that she has got the same sick sense of humour as I have. She is my niece and I am very fond of her. Indeed I love her as I do my own kids.

So I am glad that we are not estranged and that we still have open communication on a fairly regular basis even though we live hundreds of kilometers apart.

Perhaps one day she will be reconciled with the others. Who knows?

All I know in life is that tomorrow another sunrise happens. What we choose to do or what we choose to feel, how we choose to act or what we choose to say won't affect the sunrise at all. It will happen and the day will bring forth new joys and new challenges.

Whatever it brings, try to enjoy it.

Stay safe.

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  1. Little Laura has grown since i last seen her many years ago. Im so glad to hear she has the same sense of humour as you, mum said I always did too, and my eldest son has it also, I think he takes after the Fagan side also!! I would love to have met you and your family!