Monday, January 12, 2009

Nikon D700 and street photography


Sunday saw the Chinese/Vietnamese Lunar New Year festival being held at Footscray in the west of Melbourne.

Along with friend and fellow photographer Shelton Muller - that's him on his back getting a shot of a martial arts performer - I decided to spend part of the day enjoying the festivities.
It was a perfect opportunity to see how good the Nikon D700 is for street photography. Up until now I have been using Nikon's D300, D200 and D90 coupled to various Nikkor lenses. I had for some time been interested in the alleged benefits of the 'FX' format as Nikon likes to call the mis-named 'full frame' format.
However I wasn't all that keen on lugging a D3 around for street work.
So when the Nikon D700 was released it seemed to be the perfect combination of D3 ability shoe-horned into a D300 body. Just what the doctor ordered!

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms. The D700 is superbly designed, produces awesome images - especially in low light/high ISO situations - and has all the ergonomic benefits of the Nikon D300 with a few extra features thrown in.

There are plenty of other sites where you can find comprehensive reviews of this fine camera, so I won't rehash any of the info that you already know.
Suffice it to say - if you are looking for a capable tool brilliantly designed and able to perform under virtually any situation, the Nikon D700 should fit the bill.

Most of the images made on the day were with the Nikkor 35mm f2 AF-D lens. I find this lens to be wonderfully suited to this type of work.

Oh - with all the horror price rises about to hit in most parts of the globe - get the camera now if you are planning on getting one. Why the heck would you want to wait and pay hundreds more?

Happy shooting and stay safe.


  1. YEah, should do. Have been a wee bit busy of late.
    Am intending to make more frequent updates.